SAM Scheduling and Administrating of Maintenance Work

Define Tasks! Increase Quality!
Define tasks and duties, inspections and maintenance work, frequency and deadlines. Your digital assistant won’t forget it.

Out Of Routine
Keep track of non-routine work, its duration and cost. See in history both scheduled and unscheduled work as well as time and money spend on each subject.

Procedures & Regulation
You want to ensure the tasks will be done the right way? SAM keeps hold of the procedures and regulations in text and pictures.

Documentation on-site
Get your documentation and data at the site of inspection via WLAN. Capture required times and have your cost calculated.

Statistics for Business Evaluation
Data are correct and clearly documented. Providing you with information on your efficiency. Interested in a comparison of planned and actual working times?

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DV-Convent Informationsmanagement GmbH
Ecklossberg 10a, D-22391 Hamburg, Germany
Phone: +49 40 6391 85 85

last update 26.2.2007