DACS Dispatch of Aircraft Cleaning Services


Flight Schedule for your On-time!
Load the flight schedule off-line manually or from disc. Or receive it on-line from the airport information system FIDS. We take care of your interface!

Dispatch for efficient Capacity Utilization
Appoint your staff the best possible way. See at a glance the utilization of your capacity – basis for improvement. Control the status: approaching aircraft, the cleaning-team takes on, the status of cleaning "accepted", "at position", "cleaning start", "cleaning end".

History for specific Evaluation
All data is clearly documented. You can rely on correct data. All events will be checked on plausibility. Evaluate your data specifically. Measure your quality by time stamp.

Invoicing - fast & easy
Your pricing model will be integrated. You prepare a provisional invoice, fast and faultless an invoice or if needed a copy of an invoice. Invoicing becomes easy!



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Phone: +49 40 6391 85 85

last update 26.2.2007