Our Products

The most outstanding products of DV-Convent are:

SAM Scheduling and Administrating of Maintenance Work
Your digital assistant. Define any objects (vehicles, tanks, even staff) you want to keep track of. Define tasks and duties such as inspections, maintenance checks, frequencies and deadlines. See time and money spend on each object clearly documented in history - for both scheduled and unscheduled work.

DTR Duty Roster
Duty Roster is an electronic staff management system for planning and administrating the working hours of the employees of one or more plants within a specified period of time. This software includes the opportunity to calculate the wages in house or forward details to an outsourced payroll accounting. It also enables resource planning and cost optimization for existing operations as well as for upcoming tenders.

DACS Dispatch of Aircraft Cleaning Services
Appoint your staff the best possible way. See the utilization of your capacity - basis for improvement. Load the flight schedule off-line manually, from disc or receive it online from the airport information system FIDS. All data is clearly documented. Measure your quality by time stamp. Individual pricing models can be integrated to secure fast and reliable invoicing.

CAT4 Dispatch System
CAT4 enables a smooth arrangement of push-back operations at an airport as well as the disposition of all kinds of tow-vehicles. 

WinStock is used to build up a detailed photo archive for managing and organizing the various phases of the operation (from registering data of photo up to the issuance of the related delivery notes and invoices).



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